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We provide affordable, timely & professional services using top-grade tools, parts & products.

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Our Services

Gas Furnaces

Our gas furnace services cover maintenance and new installations of any type of gas furnace. From old gravity coal systems that were converted to natural gas to the most modern modulating furnace, we service all makes and models.

Gas Hot Water Boiler Systems

Servicing and installing most any residential or commercial hot water boiler is all in a days work at ENRIGHT HVAC. From atmospheric chimney vented systems to the most modern modulating and condensing boilers we service all makes and models.

Gas Steam Boiler Systems

We service all makes and models of gas fired steam boilers. From annual service (extremely important for steam systems) to addressing issues with banging pipes, to boiler replacements we can handle any of your steam heating needs.

Ductless Split Systems

Have a boiler and baseboard or radiant heat in your home? Ductless split HVAC systems are a great way to add air conditioning to your home as well as an efficient source of heat during the shoulder seasons (Late fall, early spring) and beyond. Call today for a free consultation to see what options are available for your home. Already have a ductless split system? Call us today for routine service to keep things operating smoothly and efficiently.

Water Source Heat Pumps

AKA Cooling tower/boiler systems
Popular in most office, medical, and larger commercial buildings we can provide any scope of service for water source heat pump systems. From periodic maintenance, to heat pump replacements, to boiler service and installation as well as service of the circulation pumps for the heat pump loop, we are your one stop shop for water source heat pump repair, installation and maintenance.

Air Source (Conventional) Heat Pumps

Gone are the days of inefficient conventional heat pumps. Today’s heat pumps are capable of providing air conditioning, as well as heating down to temperatures around 20*F outside, and then your conventional fossil fuel heating equipment can take over to handle the remainder of the heating required to keep your home cozy and warm in the dead of winter. All while saving you money.

Geothermal / Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can also handle any of your geothermal heating and cooling needs. From heat pump replacements, system overhauls, or complete system design and installation we can service all of your geothermal HVAC needs.

Packaged HVAC / Rooftop HVAC Systems

When it comes to packaged or large rooftop HVAC systems, we’re equipped to perform all scopes of maintenance, repair and installations. Systems from 2 tons to 35 tons, we have you covered servicing all makes and models.

Water Heater Repair / Replacement

Whether you have a typical 40 gallon chimney vented water heater installed in your home or a manifolded bank of tankless water heaters in your business or multifamily apartment building, we can service all of your hot water needs.

Gas Piping Installation

From gas line sizing to the installation and repair of all scopes of gas piping. From excavating a new gas line to your pool heater or running a new gas line to your generator or gas grille. Let us know and we can make it happen.

Plumbing Installation / Renovation

Looking to finally bite the bullet and remodel that bathroom you have been putting off? Let us know and we can guide you through the process or work with your general contractor to make your vision come to reality.


We’ve got Your Covered

Emergency Fix SErvices

Having a functioning furnace or air conditioning unit is an absolutely necessity for your home comfort. If your unit breaks on the weekend or the middle of the night, we’re here to help!

Commercial & Residential

Whether your a commercial enterprise or a homeowner in distress, we can accommodate large and small scale issues that may arise. We’re skilled and will react to your custom needs.


Reducing the risk of failure, improving efficiency and providing clean equipment is important to extending life use. Comprehensive maintenance service is a secure investment.

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